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 New Work follows two guiding principles:
Who are you?
What do you really, really want to do?

This gave rise to the great New Work movement:
On what basis was the movement triggered?


Two Worlds


Two worlds collide in New Work: The world according to founder Frithjof Bergmann
has posed clear questions to the inner world of people, the other world
with digitalization, climate change, pandemic, and other topics has focused on the
outer world of people.

Only an integral consciousness would allow people to unite these two
different perspectives. Very few people lived in this consciousness until now,
when these two worlds collided.

Viewed comprehensively, even today it is still a small minority that
wants and can live this consciousness.

The point is that we find in the inside what happens in the outside:
Different techniques to break with patterns and build up new resources
step by step help to establish new experiences and beliefs.

Problems of Organizational Development

Because this personal development affects all people, this work cannot
focus only on managers nor is this work part of the core business of many
companies and organizations. We have been told by many entrepreneurs
and organizations that they cannot reflect continuously and constantly in

Thus, various forms of self-organization have proliferated to work again on
the outside on structure, processes, and rules. If this also happens on the
inside with participation and transparency of the employees, a lot of
positive things can come out of it.


Solutions with Code18


A more mindful meeting and conversation culture has gradually become
established and the work with values is also emerging in organiza-
tions step by step. This is about the daily lifeof organizational culture
and the possibility of people being self-determined through their beliefs
(e.g., in trust that "we don't talk about people, we talk to people") to steer
self-determined our values in the diverse everyday relationships.
In this process, different perspectives always come together.

How is the collective of all perspectives transformed into teamwork and
performance in a simple, playful, and direct way?

This is exactly where our solution comes in:
A simple ACTUAL-DESIRED comparison on 18 factors by overlaying
the perspectives
of all team members in a holistic and in-depth view
creates an objective basis for discussion and the collective picture.
Code18 is based on the unconscious, ancient language of humans (the
so-called archetypes) and a methodology developed and tested over years,
which integrates 18 relevant factors of team leadership in a simple,
playful, and direct way.

Try Code18 with the perspective "How do you see your team?"
and invite us to do a Deepdive or Flow analysis with your team:



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